15000 Aqua series shower cubicle


Aeros 15120 Aqua series 1200*900*2090 ~ 2290
Deluxe double internal sliding door rectangle shower cubicle

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15000 Aqua series shower cubicle

The 15000 Aqua series shower deluxe double sliding door rectangle free-standing shower cubicle.

Requires NO silicon, NO glue, and NO screws for assembly.

A unique click lock system insures a fully 100% watertight shower.

Whether itā€™s a 2nd shower, something for the man cave, shed, or laundry

Deluxe double sliding door rectangle square shower cubicle
15000 series
Aeros Rectangle shower animation
Door opening mechanism

Unique door opening

Our unique internal sliding doors mean you can open one door or both doors.

Place a seat behind one door and use the other for entry.

Great for the elderly to sit and relax whilst showering.


  • WELS approved hand shower
  • 20cm Rainfall showerhead
  • Adjustable height rainfall shower arm
  • Adjustable hand shower railĀ with bonus soap dish
  • 4 way Australian approved Watermark mixer w/ BONUS Watermark approved hoses
  • Double Aluminum shelf
  • ASNZS2208 Glass
  • Stainless steel door handles
  • Grab bar
  • Shampoo dispensers
  • Water outlet, ideal for washing legs or feet only
  • Waste plug
  • Quick-release door rollers
  • Bonus wall mounts to stabilize the shower to the wall.
  • Non-slip shower base
  • *Not shown ā€“ front double sliding door rectangle shower section included
15000 series no front
15000 features


The accessories attach to the rear glass panels, holes are pre-drilled for your convenience.

The shower tray has multiple adjustable legs below to level the shower.

Designed with a lip around the top edge to stop any water from leaking onto the floor.

Rainfall shower arm
Rainfall shower arm, shower head, hand shower

Rainfall shower arm & shower heads

The rainfall shower arm is adjustable in height.

It can be lowered to the height of the frame (2090mm) or raised to its maximum height (2290mm) from the floor.

The shower arm holds the rainfall showerhead and 3-function hand shower, to select between the two there is a diverter at the bottom of the rail.

The shower arm, rainfall showerhead, and hand shower conform to Australian Watermark Standards and WELS compliance.

WELS registration: S14515, Flow rate: 9.0L/m, Star rating: 3

Adjustment wheel top
Top door rollers

Door rollers

High-quality stainless steel wheels.

Designed for easy cleaning and maintenance.

The bottom wheels have a spring to pull that will release them from the track.

Remove the door from the top track and clean and maintain wheels and tracks.

Quick release bottom wheel
Bottom door rollers

Mixer diverter

Our showers come with Australian standard Watermark-approved mixer diverters.

15000 aqua series shower tested and certified to meet ALL Australian requirements.

Easy access to cartridge for the mixer at the front of the handle, no need to remove shower to replace the cartridge.

Watermark approved Mixer divertor
Mixer diverter
Double aluminium baskets
Aluminum baskets

Double aluminum baskets

Included are 2 baskets to store your shampoo, conditioner, and soaps, made from aluminum so they will not rust.

Kids canā€™t reach the basket?

To set the baskets down low, reverse the wall.

Grab bar

Included is a grab bar, mainly used for steadying in the shower.

Grab bar
Grab bar
Shampoo dispensors
Shampoo dispensers

Shampoo dispensers

Two refillable bottles are included for shampoo, body wash, and conditioner.

The bottles are easily refillable.

Slide bottles up from the mount, and lift the lid to fill with your favorite products.

Hand shower rail

Thereā€™s also a separate hand shower rail and soap dish.

Attached to the rail and can slide up or down.

Hand shower rail with soap dish
Hand shower rail
Brass back jets
Brass back jets

Brass back jets

Four brass multi-directional brass back jets are included in this model.

Select the feature from the diverter and adjust the pressure from the mixer handle.

Waterfall spout

The waterfall spout is located at the bottom of the rear middle panel, a great addition to the shower.

Wash your legs and feet with both hands, or rinse the soap off your dog after a bath.

Waterfall spout
Waterfall spout
Australian standard 50mm waste plug
Waste plug

Waste plug

A Waste plug has been included, it has been designed to be used in our showers.

The horizontal outlet allows for easy connection to existing plumbing.

Have an existing hole in the floor? the waste plug supplied can easily attach or go through a wall if required.

You can also rotate the waste plug. The waste pipe does not go through a bearer under the house.

You attach the waste plug with a screw from inside the shower. There is no need to get underneath to tighten a lock nut.

Setup guide for Aeros rectangle models

Here you will find a basic guide on how to assemble our rectangle double internal sliding double sliding door shower series.

NOTE: this is for frame assembly only, assembly of parts and accessories can be found in it’s respective model page…

Assembly procedure for shower frame and baseĀ 

Aeros shower rectangle double door model assembly Step 1

Step 1

Rectangle double internal sliding double sliding door shower model

Aeros shower rectangle double door model assembly Step 2

StepĀ 2

Shower tray assembly
Level tray feet below the base and connect waste pipe to waste plug provided

Aeros shower rectangle double door model assembly Step 3

StepĀ 3

Attach all the ttings to the rear panel according to the model you purchased.

Connect hoses from your water mains to the showers mixer and test all hoses and connections are tight and sealed from leaks.

  1. Lower the middle panel over the aluminium rail on the base
  2. Insert grey wedge between the rail on the base, and aluminium on the frame
  3. Insert the 2nd grey wedge on the other side of middle panel
Aeros shower rectangle double door model assembly Step 4

StepĀ 4

NOTE: Attach any accessories to the left rear wall according to your model prior to attaching to the middle panel.

Attaching and securing the left rear panels.

  1. Interlock the middle panel and rear wall, insure the panels are locked in completely from top to bottom.
  2. Rotate left rear wall until both middle and rear walls form a straight line.
  3. As you are rotating the left rear wall, the bottom of the wall should slide and insert into the aluminium rail on the base.

The rear wall should now be locked with the middle panel and the shower tray.

Aeros shower rectangle double door model assembly Step 5

StepĀ 5

The right rear wall is attached in the same manner as the left rear wall, follow the same steps

NOTE: Attach any accessories to the right rear wall according to your model prior to attaching to the middle panel

Aeros shower rectangle double door model assembly Step 6

StepĀ 6

The last step to securing the rear panels is to lock them together using the right angle aluminium rail.

  1. Lower the aluminium rail so the angle slides between the aluminium of the middle and rear panels
  2. Insert plastic grey wedges so they slide between the aluminium rail and the top of the frame of the rear wall
  3. Slide until grey wedges are completely inserted and locked in position
Aeros shower rectangle double door model assembly Step 7

StepĀ 7

To attach the side wall you first need to place the bottom door rail at the front of the shower base so when you lock the side wall it should slide over
the block.
With the front door rail on the shower base, lock the side wall to the rear panel.
Rotate the side wall outwards until it fully locks into place.
Raise the side wall enough to allow the side wall to slide the cut out of the side wall to insert over the block of the door rail as shown.

Aeros shower rectangle double door model assembly Step 8

StepĀ 8

To attach the other side wall, insert the wall at an angle until it is fully into the rear wall.

Rotate the side wall until it locks in at a right angle.

Raise the side wall enough to allow the door rail to insert into the slot of the side wall and slide down until door rail is fully inserted into the side wall, as shown

Aeros shower rectangle double door model assembly Step 9

StepĀ 9

Last step is to attach the top rail Insert the door rail blocks into the slots of both the side walls and lower them simultaneously into the side walls until fully inserted

NOTE: you may need to tap the top door rail down with a rubber mallet as it will be new it may be a tight t.

Aeros shower rectangle double door model assembly Step 10

StepĀ 10

Attach the door handles to both of the doors, wide side will be on the inside, narrow side will be outside.

Aeros shower rectangle double door model assembly Step 11

StepĀ 11

When attaching wheels on the door check that you have the top of the door in relation to your door entry, Check by matching the magnetic strip on the door will match the magnetic strip on the side wall.

Top wheels are your level adjustment wheels, screwing the knurled nut will either raise or lower the door depending on what way you turn the nut.

The grub screw will lock the wheels from coming loose over time

Bottom wheels are spring loaded to insert in the bottom door rail

NOTE: When screwing wheels into door frame, we suggest using Loctite to insure the bolts do not come loose over time.

Aeros shower rectangle double door model assembly Step 12

Step 12

Once wheels are attached to the doors it is time to raise the doors and attach to the shower

Starting with one door, maneuver the door inside the shower, raise the door so one of the top wheels sits on the lip of the door rail and the other wheel sits on the lip of the side wall.

As the door hangs off the top wheels, reach down and pull the springs down on the bottom wheels and insert into the bottom door rail and the bottom side wall rail.

Check the door slides smoothly, it’s not rubbing on the frame and the bottom wheels are not popping out of the rails.

If so you need to adjust the top wheels by turning the knurled nut and leveling the door accordingly.

Aeros shower rectangle double door model assembly Step 13

Step 13


Cut any excess aluminium profile from wall mounts if they are to be used.

Attaching the wall mounts.

You have a few options depending on what type of wall you are securing the wall mounts to.

You can use screw and dowels to secure any type of wall, plaster, tiles, concrete or brick or you can use liquid nails to secure the wall mounts.

To secure the wall mounts to the shower you can screw into the frame, no glass is present at the position of where the wall mounts are attached.

NOTE: Wall mounts are optional, the shower can stand on its own and not move over time due to its weight. Wall mounts will stabilize the shower from any movement.

Aeros shower rectangle double door model assembly Step 14

Step 14

If you are to use the screws and dowels provided

Mark the hole positions of the wall profile onto the wall on either one or both sides of the shower

If the shower is placed in a corner, only attach the side where the wall mount can be attached.

One wall mount is enough to stabilize the shower!

Aeros shower rectangle double door model assembly Step 15

Step 15

Using a drill and a 5.5mm drill bit.
Drill holes where you marked the holes.
Insert the dowels into the holes

Aeros shower rectangle double door model assembly Step 16

Step 16

Place the wall mount into position.

Insert the screw through the cap washer and screw into the dowel.

Once all screws have been inserted use the cover caps to give you a clean finish


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