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About us

We are a brand that saw a gap in the market
and thus designed an easier alternative to
conventional shower cubicles.

About Us

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Aeros showers started trading in 2000, specializing in free-standing shower cubicles, and designing and manufacturing showers for any purpose or need. We only source the best suppliers from both here and abroad, only the highest quality shower cubicles for our customers

Choices in styles

We stock a wide variety of styles and sizes available with many options and extras to choose from. Aeros showers have become Australia’s number 1 supplier and manufacturer of fully enclosed free-standing shower cubicles that are 100% watertight.

Personal and commercial use

Supplying both the residential market as well as the commercial sector our business has grown to accommodate all.

In the beggining!

Our journey began in 2000

About us, seeing a niche in the market for free standing shower cubicles our journey began in the early days of the release of free standing showers.


We approached many factories to see what they had to offer and decided on models with glitz and glamour, ALL the bells and whistle

Things didn't seem right

Changes needed to be made 2008

Within a few years the feedback we were receiving from customers was the showers looked great but were in need of modifications, bells and whistles was not what they wanted.

Making it easy

Practicality was of prime concern, so we started our journey on modifying  our shower parts, upgrading accessories and our supplier complied to our requests.

Time to upgrade

That was the release of our version 2.0 showers, NO screws, NO silicon and no glue required for assembly, and 100% watertight.

Back to the drawing board

Let's design from scratch 2016

But! customers wanted more, they also wanted an easy way to assemble the shower, assembled in its place rather than having to slide back into a corner after assembly.


We started designing and then sourcing suppliers, we have multiple suppliers who each specialize in their field,

From the waste plug, shower tray, aluminium frame design and just about every component, each part has been tested to comply with ANY Australian standard requirement.

Unique assembly method.

The tongue and groove clip lock system insures a shower can be installed anywhere in record time.

Quality parts

The showers include

  • aluminium baskets,
  • brass back jets,
  • adjustable height rainfall shower arm,
  • quick release door rollers for easy cleaning and maintenance of the wheels and the wheel tracks
  • and a multitude of other changes, some of which are visible.

The journey continues

It was about us to make the changes you can’t see, they are the ones that make all the difference.

Deluxe double sliding door rectangle square shower cubicle



Amazing that no screws and no silicon can give you a water tight shower. We installed this cubicle 15110A in a 2.6m x 1.8m bathroom and it looks roomier. Our old shower a 900x1100 made the room look a lot smaller.
I would recommend 3 people install this but even 2 can do the job. The back panel jets cannot be adjusted and therefore if you are a shorter person, under 5'11 you might want to reconsider getting one without back jets or get a stool.
My suggestion to Aeros would be to build in back jets that are directional and can be adjusted.
One tip - make sure you remove all the plastic covering from the roof and the base before you lock in the railing.
The finish is good and I was amazed at the FANTASTIC customer service we got. I haven't experienced service like the type you get from Aeros in a very long time.
The staff are helpful and very easy to talk with. Apart from getting our plumbing done and electrical work to connect the light, fan and speaker, we did the rest ourselves and it looks like a professional job.
I am a very happy customer, people who have seen the shower do not believe it came to us in a flat pack - Nothing was broken or damaged in transit and the money we spent on this unit was well worth it. I feel like I got a bargain!
Highly recommend this product. If you're thinking of renovating your bathroom, you have to get yourself an Aeros shower.
Well done to the team at Aeros and thank you for making my bath time such a relaxing and enjoyable one.
Conrad Henriques
Armadale, W.A.


Aeros showers played a massive role in the choice of shower for our business.
With a need to install a shower for our staff and members the team at Aeros were understanding of our needs and requirements.
Their attention to detail and their support were excellent every time we needed it.
I would recommend them to anyone who wants a shower for there business or an easy DIY project to add a new or second shower to there home.
Luke Grenwich
Northcote, VIC


Decided to go with this Aeros shower cubicle after years of leaking water through our wall tiles.
Best decision ever....
Promised me the shower will never leak and they definitely delivered on that promise.
With some modifications to the plumbing by our plumber, they were in and out within 3 hours and left me with a fully functional shower.
Love the look, love the service Aeros provided, would recommend to anybody looking at jazzing up there bathroom with a quality shower cubicle.
Sean Thomson
Orange, N.S.W.
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