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4000 Aqua shower cubicle

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Aeros 4000 Aqua Shower Cubicle

The Aeros SQUARE shower series, designed in a way it can be assembled in multiple configurations, a basic model without the extra bells and whistles, assembly and plumbing make it easy to install with minimum of fuss, update your current shower or add a 2nd shower to any room, garage, granny flat, caravan annexe or anywhere a shower is required.



  • WELS approved hand shower & 20cm rainfall shower head
  • Adjustable height rainfall shower arm 
  • 1 Water spout, great for washing feet
  • Australian approved Watermark mixer w/ BONUS Watermark approved hoses
  • 2 Internal sliding door
  • Aluminum basket
  • ASNZS2208 Australian standard glass
  • Quick release door rollers
  • Bonus wall mounts to stabilize shower to the wall.
  • Non slip shower base
  • Waste plug
  • Number of screws for frame assembly, "NONE"
  • Door handles
  • Magnetic door strips
  • WELS registration: S14515, Flow rate: 9.0L/m, Star rating: 3




Available in 3 sizes
Rainfall shower arm can be lowered to a minimum height of 2090 or it can be raised to a height of 2290
Each size can be ordered below!!

Model 4080 - 800*800*2090 ~ 2290
Model 4090 - 900*900*2090 ~ 2290
Model 4100 - 1000*1000*2090 ~ 2290


4080 Aqua Shower cubicle
4080 Aqua Shower Cubicle
WELS registration:
S14515, Flow rate: 9.0L/m, Star rating: 3
Sales price: $ 1899.00
Tax amount:
4090 Aqua Shower cubicle
4090 Aqua Shower Cubicle
WELS registration:
S14515, Flow rate: 9.0L/m, Star rating: 3
Sales price: $ 1999.00
Tax amount:
4100 Aqua Shower cubicle
4100 Aqua Shower Cubicle
WELS registration:
S14515, Flow rate: 9.0L/m, Star rating: 3
Sales price: $ 2099.00
Tax amount:

Aeros showers are a unique Australian design, they require No screws, No silicon or glue for assembly, designed to be a DIY, in most cases showers can be assembled, installed and operating on the same day, sometimes in a few hours!!

-Aeros Showers

Base sizes and frame measurements below



Features of the 4000 series

  • When designing this model we took into consideration the door entry, this has been designed where the end user can determine
  1. What corner the shower can be assembled in
  2. What side to assemble the rear panels
  3. With the basket up high or down low
  4. Only the middle rear panel will stay constant with the shower tray
  • With it's internal sliding door, dripping water on the floor is a thing of the past
  • Once doors are closed, they are tightly held together with the magnetic strips
  • Heavy duty industrial quality adjustable height rainfall shower arm, resolves any issue with height of the area, as long as the lowest point is 2105mm in height, shower can be assembled.
  • Rear wall with basket can be assembled in either right or left hand side, as a note we recommend assembly of the wall with the basket opposite the door, this way it cannot be knocked or hit when entering or exiting the shower, Basket can also be setup in the high position or reverse the wall panel panel and have it closer to the floor, then it wont obstruct when washing your hair.
  • Optional wall mounts are included, you decide whether you would like to the shower to be secured to the wall or to leave it free-standing
  • Horizontal 50mm waste plug is included in the kit, it gives you the option to run the waste pipe through a side wall or attach to an existing hole, it is easily attached and removed from inside the shower
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